Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Apron: Complete

Ok, here it is. I checked a personal project off my sewing wish list. It's not perfect...but that's mostly because I rushed through it trying to make it while Big K took a nap one afternoon. That, of course, led to a mistake, which ended up costing me time. The mistake was in the apron ties, a mis-measurement, if you must know. I had to improvise, as I was already piecing this apron together from scraps from my yoga mat bag I made last year. (I'm kinda sick of this fabric, now). If you check out the tutorial I used, you'll notice that I changed the pocket on mine to be bigger and divided. I also zig zagged some of the seams. I don't know why, but I am a sucker for the zig zag. Remember when I made the ribbon ties? Well, here they are. They are not quite wide enough for the 2 inch waistband, but they'll do. It's just for messy kitchen tasks, and I can make a new one when I truly get sick of this one. Anyways, I think it's pretty cute. It certainly keeps my sweaters dry when I recklessly splash water while enduring the drudgery of everyday chores washing dishes!

Apron. Check! Next up: Bean bag chairs!!