Sunday, August 21, 2011

Excuse #38

I haven't posted anything new on Etsy in a few days.  I haven't finished my tutorial.  I haven't made any new products.  Sheer laziness?  No.  Unmotivated?  No.  Uninspired?  Definitely not.  The reason is simple.  And sad, really.  My studio, my beautiful craft studio, a room all to myself where I can leave out all my projects and materials, and never worry about anyone complaining about the mess, is in the basement.  So?  Well, after a few heavy rains this past week, we recently discovered a drainage issue, and the ship, as they say, has taken on water.  Boo.  My craft studio was spared (thank goodness!).  But the room right in front of the studio had to have the carpet taken out and dried out, and all sorts of other fixes.  So, while there is no problem in my studio, I can't actually get in because the door is blocked by a big wad of carpeting.  The good news in all of this is 1) we found the source of water entry, and the fix is pretty easy.  And 2) I had my printers drawer and every spool of ribbon out of the studio before the leak occured, so I was able to finish my ribbon reorganization.  Now I just have to photograph the final product and write a bit about it!

Believe me, as soon as I can get back in my studio, I will!

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